First Time Buyers


Buying your first home is an exciting time. Having someone beside you who you can trust to make your experience as positive as it's meant to be, is the way it should be. 
By listening, understanding and putting your needs first is how I build relationships with my clients. And in turn, they know I'll be  there for them the entire process. 

What is the fist step?

The first step should be the pre-approval. This will give you an understanding of your budget, and the guidelines as to what your going to be in the market for. Have that chat with your lender or mortgage broker. If you need a hand with finding someone, just ask. 

Where to start?

Set up a meeting. Let's talk Real Estate. Sitting down and hammering out a plan that's going to work for YOU. Understanding your needs, wants, and other factors that come into play while buying your first home. 

Doing the footwork

Let the fun begin! Now it's time to start shopping. Heading out and looking at houses is so exciting. Understanding the market and keeping an open mind will make the process enjoyable and less stressful. After all, why should house hunting be anything but? 

That's the one!

You've found it! The one you can see yourself in for the next little bit. Maybe not forever, but at least for the next few years or so. Now what? 
Now is when you need to put some faith in your agent (Me) and trust they (I) know the market, and can negotiate the best possible outcome for you. 
Offers are presented and negotiated with the Seller through a Purchase Contract. The Contract is there to protect both parties involved, and is between you the Buyer and the Seller. 

Offer Accepted

Negotiations are done, and the Seller's have accepted your offer. Congratulations!

The house isn't offically sold until the conditions are removed from the contract. To do so we must work together to get them waived, or not waived. If the property inspection comes back with problem, after problem, and you don't feel as though you can work through them, you would not waive the property inspection condition, and walk away free and clear from the house. If the property inspection comes back positive. A few minor issues that you could work through and fix you waive the property inspection condition. Your finanicing is also approved, and we remove that condition as well. Now, we have a Sold house. Congratulations!

DO check the water pressure. Run the taps and flush the toilets (separately and at the same time). See if the showerhead blasts water or just gives off an unsatisfying drizzle. And don't forget to check how fast the water heats up. If it's really slow, there could be issues with the heater.

DON'T forget to check the exterior. Look for damp or buckled spots on the siding, peeling paint, loose shingles, cracks in the foundation. A quick look can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

DON'T overestimate your DIY capabilities. Fixing that leaky faucet? Sure, almost anyone can do that. But renovating the kitchen? Ripping out drywall? Putting in new plumbing? Before you make an offer on a house that's not move-in ready, make sure you're not getting too enthusiastic about what you can actually accomplish. If you think you can do it yourself, then realize you need outside help, you'll be facing some serious costs you didn't factor into the purchase price.

DON'T be afraid to move on. So many buyers get stuck on the idea that another home as perfect as this one will never come along. That's simply not true. New listings come on the market every day, so never assume that there's nothing as good as - or better - out there. Be patient.

Finding a property you love is exciting, but it's a little like falling in love with a person. That initial glow can make you overlook faults that will drive you around the bend a few years down the road. Keeping emotions in check and the long-term future in mind can help you make a smart buying decision – and finding  the home that's perfect for you.